Protecting Studland Bay


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Protecting Studland Bay

Recreational boaters and PWC users who use, visit and enjoy the local area are being asked to help with protecting Studland Bay and its precious habitats for the future. After much consultation with the boating community and users of the bay, a voluntary no-anchor zone has been introduced to help reduce damage caused by boats dropping and weighing anchors.

The Marine Management Organisation is encouraging everyone to work together to protect Studland Bay Marine Conservations Zone. The site’s seagrass beds are home to a protected species of seahorse and other wildlife, as well as forming important nursery grounds for fish stocks.

Why do we need to act now?

  • Studland Bay is a popular destination with a high level of boating activity.
  • Anchors from recreational boats can damage seagrass fronds and roots when they embed into the seabed.
  • Dragging an anchor can uproot seagrass and anchor chains can scrape the seabed.

How you can help

  • Avoid anchoring in seagrass beds located off South Beach out to Old Harry Rocks.
  • Be cautious when moving in the nearshore area of South Beach as seagrass beds and the breeding areas for the legally protected longsnouted seahorses, (also known as spiny seahorses), may be disturbed.
  • See the Green Blue’s Guide to Anchoring and Mooring for tips and guidance on anchoring and navigating with care
  • Only anchor in the seagrass beds in an emergency or if required for safety reasons

Please enjoy Studland Bay responsibly! For more information please visit the MMO’s website here.

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